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Oils, Fluids and Lubricants

At GML Auto, we stock a range of Additives, Engine Oils, Maintenance Fluids & Greases and Service Fluids from the following manufacturers.

Advanced lubricant technology for high performance petrol and diesel engines. TradeTEC is GROUPAUTO’s new own brand of high quality lubricants available exclusively from GROUPAUTO members. Their lubricants are blended with virgin base oils and produced to meet or exceed OEM vehicle specifications using only the latest advanced additive technology to ensure complete engine and transmission protection.
Established in 1954, Tetrosyl is the largest independent UK oil blender and car care manufacturer in Europe, offering a diverse range of leading brands including car care, refinishing, winter care and DIY. Tetrosyl own and manages several leading brands. These include the Carlube brand.
GML stock a HUGE range of Power Maxed Consumable products for your vehicle – We’re the only place in Lincolnshire to get the best product! Read more here.
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Comma is a company focused on serving the needs of its customers in the global automotive aftermarket. A world-class manufacturer and supplier of automotive lubricants and chemicals for passenger and commercial vehicles.